2017 Hot Air Balloon Festivals near Baton Rouge

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Hot air balloon festivals are a unique way to dive into the world of hot air ballooning. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people and balloonists merge upon festivals across the country to celebrate the beauty of hot air balloons. Mass hot air balloon launches, food, live entertainment and the traditional "night glow" are standard fare at most festivals. There are several annual festivals within driving distance of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Balloon Rides Baton Rouge invites you to join the festivities! Call Balloon Rides Baton Rouge at 1-855-445-8798 for upcoming dates and locations of hot air balloon festivals in and around Louisiana.

Hot Air Balloon Festivals Baton Rouge Louisiana

Mass hot air balloon launches are the hallmark of hot air balloon festivals. Hundreds of balloons launch simultaneously in a magnificent display. Some of these balloons will allow passengers to come along. Make sure to call Balloon Rides Baton Rouge to see if you can book a spot on one of these balloons and join in on the most exciting part of a great balloon festival.

2017 Baton Rouge Balloon Festival

A night glow is an event that is often held as a climax to a hot air balloon festival. The hot air balloons are set up at sunset in the launch area, an open field, or a football stadium and are inflated as if they are going to take off. But instead of being allowed to ascend, they are held down by the ground crew and with the use of tethers. The propane burners are ignited periodically to keep the balloons inflated with hot air and to light the balloons from the inside. The balloons glow like huge light bulbs or Chinese lanterns, giving a spectacular display for the audience.

2017 Balloon Festivals near Baton Rouge Louisiana
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